Love To Show Off

I like to show off what little boobs. I often wear loose tops or undo a buuton too many so my tiny **** are easily visible down my blouse. It always makes me hot and my nipples get so hard when I know I am being looked at.
Simply love my tiny **** , I never wear a bra and like showing what I have.
wendytiny wendytiny
46-50, F
45 Responses Dec 21, 2010

You enjoy, others enjoy ... everyone wins!

Love your attitude. Can you add me please ?

Just love tiny ****. Tiny **** and down blouse - what's not to like?

I love tiny *******. The nipples are so much more sensitive and usually love to be teased...

Way to go!

Good girl!

You must make so many so happy.

Would like to stand near you and take a peak at your tities.

Just the kind of girl I'd like to take on a road trip out west!

Love a gal like you!!! Proud of what she is naturally! THAT is sexy!

Perfect Wendy! You not only made me smile but I'll bet you have made a lot of others smile too (only they had a better reason - your bare breast!).

DAMN Wendy, you are TOO SEXY!!!

I love tiny boobies..!

My kinda gal! Keep it up

Show off what you have! My girls breasts are not big either, but, showing them off is one of both our favorite pastimes! It's so much fun to have her out and about in a sheer top or one that is unbuttoned too far. Of course we recently had an awesome day at a nudist resort where all she wore was nipple jewelry all day! It drew attention to her hard nippled breasts wonderfully!

I would love to look down your shirt and see for myself. You sound like a fun lady!

Mmm, sure hope I can get a down blouse peek at them some time! Wish more ladies shared your attitude to as ards this naughty fun....

Mmm, you can show them to me anytime! I love any opportunity to look...

I like your confidence! And I like a peek...

My wife loves to do the same and I love how horny it gets her. Keep up the teasing.

The surprise down blouse peek is a wonderful thing. My wife allows it to happen all the time though will never admit it. Finally got her to go without a bra and the view is even better.

You're my kind of woman.

I love the fact you never were a bra. I wish I had women around me that would go without a bra and let me look down there blouse.

please let me see

Would love to see Wendy.

hey Wendy, I would be happy see your tiny boobes.

The most interesting thing about this post is the lack of comment from other women. Wendy, there are so many reasons to love smallish ****. I don't really care whether they are called "****", "Boobs," "Breasts" or"Mammaries", they are a constant source of delight for me as a man. I would love to have a wife who enjoyed being subtle about giving different guys a "thrill" even as I am amazed that the "thrill" has never diminished for me. I love catching a peek at women's breasts. Of course I love looking at women in general, from head to toe. I am not just a breast man, but I do love tiny **** for the reason you can go braless. If a large titted sister yoru age went braless, chances are her nips would be at the level of her navel. <br />
<br />
Girls, have fun having breasts and with how silly guys are about seeing them. What a marvelous birthright for being female, that you can control bigger and stronger people with how you pose and dress. Don't let the creeps out there deprive you of your pleasures. <br />
<br />
Again, Wendy, thanks so much for sharing here, and wherever you go with too many buttons undone, or too loose a top in which you lean just the right way. I hope you give a little shot to the less hunky guys out there as well.

Very nice, I love women like you :)

Do you just allow it to happen naturally or do you create opportunities for men to look? When you catch guys looking, what do you do?

I love small ****. They are especially nice when seen in a downblouse or a side view through a partially unbuttoned blouse. Please add me so I can check out your pics.

And we all love to look

A downblouse view is always a huge turn on. I wish more women thought like you.

My wife also has small boobs. I love them. She's in her forties and they're still perky. I would love to see yours. Please add me.

I love you for that my dear. Just keep my blood pressure up with such a lovely sight! Always a pleasure.....

Women with small **** are very sexy. That one of the things that attracted me to my wife was her small **** with big nipples, that are super sensitive.<br />
<br />
Women should never get breasts implants, small **** are beautiful and sexy!!!

I also love to look down shirts to see small perky boobs with hard nipples. Would love to see yours some time.

Please take a pic and show us

I love smal perky breasts. Iwould love to get a look at your "girls"

Wendy, I certainly would be looking. Love small breasts peeking out of loose, low cut tops. I would probably follow you around all day just to enjoy the view. Try big arm holes. Small ******* are always nicely fr<x>amed by large oval armholes.<br />
<br />
Been trying to convince my wife to do this for years. How do you suggest I get her into it?

I want to see them!

Your story was immediately arousing for me, as I love the sight of smaller breasts. Thanks Wendy!

I love that you like to share.. such a turn on. bare it to share it!!!

Always arousing, a fine view of cleavage and just a little lingerie or bra between an unbuttoned blouse or shirt. Brilliant!

LOVE to see women showing their boobies!<br />
LOVE those small ones better, as they seem to be MORE sensitive, and those nipples get VERY hard! Gets me "going" every time!<br />
LOVE to have you add me as a friend!

I would love to look at your tiny boobs and love to play with them. I love when I can look down womens blouses and see there ****.