I Love Downblouse!

My wife's good friend/co worker, Sandy, is the down blouse queen. she appears to be this classic conservative mom, but i've had a few incidents that have proven other wise. We were at her house for a dinner party, the food was great, wonderful conversation everybody was having a good time. We moved to the living room and freshened our drinks and I noticed that Sandy was wearing a pretty deep V neck sweater. Compared to my wife's big breast she was very small, but that made it much more alluring to me. From that moment to the end of the party I couldn't take my eyes off that sweater! Every time she leaned over I was looking, drinking in the majority of her breast above her low cut bra. I few times our eyes meet and I swear she smiled and positioned herself so I could get a better look. As she hugged me good bye I felt her small breast pushing against my chest god i love that.
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36-40, M
May 22, 2012