I Love Down Blouse 2!

The next time I saw Sandy was a few weeks ago. The had a work event friday evening. After the event was over and the free drink tickets my wife and her co-workers decided to go to a bar and continue the party. I was hanging out mainly with Sandy, she was wearing a wonderful dress and I was trying to figure out if she was wearing a bra. the more we talked and drank the more wonderful down blouse views I got. Her small little breast practically screaming to be seen. As she leaned over to grab something from her purse I saw her entire breast, so cute, with big pale pink nipples. Now she had something to check out because I was wearing dress pants and the outline of my hard **** was clearly visible. As she looked at my **** I looked at the tops of her breasts it was great. When my wife noticed she rubbed my thigh and gave my **** a squeeze making sure that Sandy saw her doing this. After a few more minutes of this we all started to mingle and before I knew it we were well past last call. Finding my wife she informed me that we would be walking sandy to her train stop. We had a bout a ten minute wait before the next train arrived and even though Sandy said she'd be fine we decided to stay with her until she got on the train. We were talking and having fun the two ladies were sitting down and I was standing up checking out the surroundings. My wife and Sandy were leaning forward and I realized this could be the last chance for a while to see her downblouse. I stood in front of them, looking at the tops of my wife's big breasts encased in a pretty purple bra. Then to look at sandy, her little pale white breasts and light pink nipples on full display. me with my **** straining to get out of my pants with both women staring and smiling at my bulge. the 3 of us kept this position until sandy's train arrived.
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