My 1st Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've always watched **** and thought that DP looked like something i'ld like to try and at the same time Wow how do you do that ..the positions look uncomfortable ..well i had done a few ********* all with my man and someone else .But the las time was amazing the best ******* of my life .i let them DP me my man in my *** and scotty who was huge in my **** it was awsome love to try it again and different positions also ..
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5 Responses Oct 17, 2011

Cool for you ! i love to be involved in a DP . i get off watching the babe *** and *** and squirt and moan in ecstacy as her being ****** in her ***** and *** hole ! cheers to you !

Hope it was all bareback and they both filled your ***** and ***?? Seeing a DP happen and seeing the end results is so ******* hot watching all that *** drip from both holes makes a man want to get in there and lick it all up!!

I've helped out a friend once with her DP fantasy. I have to admit it was a bit awkward at first, but once we got in the swing of things it was a blast. We started with spit roasting her then her husband in her *** and me in front. The best part was watching her face the first instant we were both in her and later seeing her *** hard!

Fill er up! Bang bang

thats so hot. i am happy to hear that you enjoyed it so thoroughly. thank you for sharing