Its Not a Shower Without Dr Bronner In There..

I cant imagine showering with nasty petrochemical based surfactants ever again.  years ago I discovered the soap concoctions of Dr Bronner and my life is so much mintier!!!!

YAY Peppermint soap!!!
purepotential purepotential 36-40, M 28 Responses Feb 7, 2008

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just about any natural foods store has it..insaneo..i also like his almond version..i mix it up ..especially on a chilly morning...some mornings i just can't bear the the thought of peppermint on my junk...although most mornings i prefer it!

Wow. This stuff sounds great! Where can I get it?

hehe is amazing ...and magic!

glad you like it.

I've got to thank you for the recomendation of the peppermint soap. The store I work in carries it, baught some and couldn't wait to try it. First time I tried it I almost my wad

Cynthia called to say 'Dr Bronner is back, he's very well and he is smelling very minty'. Smell him now!

This is Dr Bronner's secretary, Cynthia.

Dr Bronner is out on a call.

He says he was going to a place called .........

............ the Bates Motel ....

I'm sure he will be in contact again, but he's already been some time and I'm getting a little worried now.

Cynthia x

well it would be the ghost or the good dr

and he would be chanting

"we are all one"


kind of a hippycockian thing?

instead of the shadow of a knife

a smoking doobie shadow with smoke streaming upward

hey dude wanna hit?

I am waiting for YOU in YOUR shower now.




Dr Bronner.

yay peppermint! ii am going to go take a shower with the good dr. right now!

I stepped into the shower and screamed - lo and behold - Dr Bronner was pepperminting.

ok feef the time today was 41 seconds...a bit low. Normally I can go for nearly a minute..

but today alas I got carried away and did my whole body (yes my WHOLE body) and whilst working on my ankles I opened my left eye just a bit

and whammo woke up to the burning version of a york peppermint patty-eye damn (yes I did the dance ..27 pokes with a sharp candy cane and all)

so kick my *** feef (my eye is soooo clean..and I always get the left eye for some reason..maybe I wasn't in my right mind this morning...:)

you betcha darn tootin it is!

hmmm, is this a contest of sorts?

beeeeeee carefulll!!!! let me know how many seconds you can take!!!

I live on the coast, so humidity is usually high here. Nothing better than having the mint wash away the humidity, at least for a few minutes, anyway. It does dry out my skin, so I don't put it on my face. I will try the under eye thing, in the morning.

27 hmmm, verrrry interesting!

you knowmy tolerance is so good I love the feel of it under my just feels like a day at the spa..unless it creeps in to the eye..then I do the dorky dance in the shower whilst yelling "holy shitfuck that is a sharp peppermint stick i just shoved in to my ocular cavity 27 times"

straight up and no, painful burning from hell!

oh, i forgot to mention how awful and blinding the eye experience was! not sure how that happened because i don't use it on my face, but OUCH! i've only made that mistake once. i'm ubercareful, dr's got a mean streak.


I will bet that would um burn a bit...or would it feel good?

Do you dilute it or use it straight?

yes and believe it or not, i actually have places that burn, too! haha that's all the info. that i'm giving on that subject. ha

you laugh!

Have you ever got it in your actual eyes?

too funny!

yep ..a couple of times I have tried to wash off the umm "night before" and it got in his eye..

*hopping around shower holding his precious*

hahaha have you ever taken the tingle tooo far and it turned into a burn? ahahaha

i have never strayed from the peppermint, except for a short affair with the lavender. peppermint's my true love.

mmmhmm I love the tingle

except if its too cold then I use the Dr Bronner's Magic Almond Soap...mmm almondy

and tinglier! righttt?