Dr. Pepper and Fly !!!!

Tried to stay away from soda for quite a while (i.e, S U G A R !!!) and succeeded, until I tried Dr. Pepper at a picnic.    WOW !
Fantastic:  different from Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.  Refreshing !

After a couple weeks of Dr. Pepper I tried to slow down a bit and make one last a whole day.   Filled the cup with ice first - light on the Dr. P.   Wasn't bad, but only lasted 1/2 day.  Then froze Dr. Pepper in an ice cube try and took out maybe 5 cubes per serving ...definitely slowed me down.   Tried one other thing (can't remember the details, though) and just didn't satisfy me. 

SO, WHAT THE HAY, decided to quit cookies and donuts and kept on with a couple Dr. Pepper drinks a day !!!!!   And now I'm satisfied, happy, and on a sugar high and flying !!!!!

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

I admire your initial discipline. I have trained my tastebuds to accept diet sodas, but there's something about that sugar. I could never drink just one...of anything. That's why I eschew alcohol.