one time during class me and my friend were passing notes when we were suppose to be reading our books. so as we are, she takes out a dr.pepper bottle. she's like to me in the note i'm so thirsty and i'm like then have ur dr.pepper and she's like i can't i think it got all shook up in my backpack. she slowly trys to open it and nothing happens, she keeps doing that and still nothing happens. so i'm like just open it already! so i took it from her and and opened it and it exploded all over my desk! we could find anything to clean it up with so we had to use the papers inside of the desk that all kids stuff in there (like parent info letters or fundraiser stuff, something that no one ever reads or cares about). our teacher didn't even notice what happened because she was so into whatever she was doing. so then when we finished i put my head down on the desk and it smelled like a dr.pepper heaven!

so that was the day we got away with a dr.pepper explosion!:)

foreverandalways13 foreverandalways13
70+, F
Feb 21, 2010