If Only I Could Be a Drag Queen

There is really no other way to say it.  I LOVE Drag Queens!  I always have.  I love their camp, their clothes, their cosmetics, oh, and the eyelashes have to be my favorite.  Next to the shoes anyway.  I love everything about being a girl.  I like being spoiled, I like shopping for clothes, my bathroom looks like a mini Sephora.  The only thing that sucks about being a girl is that I don't get to be a drag queen.   Sigh.
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I would love to be dolled up as a "Drag Queen" I'm straight, but still think this would be so much fun!

OMG I understand completely,smart funny and fabulous...love them so much,the louder the better.

you might like "Connie and Carla" it's a comedy and a love story!

But you get to be beautiful! so that is a plus! and drag queens are soo fun to hang around! so its a win win!

Sephora ROCKS! They gave me an awesome perfume sample yesterday... I didn't even ask! And 3 lip glosses cuz it's my B-day month.

you are too funny

P.S...Yes, most of us "TV's", or "CD's", would love to have an accepting. appreciating genetic female, to play, and shop with! They're so freaked out thinking we're "competition", when we "Girls" just wan't to have fun too! Attn. WOMEN! We men think you're sexy...Even when wearing OUR clothes, or steal/borrow our styles...So why the double standards? (Though, most of us love you ladies to wear dresses, skirts, hose/stockings, heels, etc., and accentuate, or show off your sexy bodies. I've always thought of lingerie, as "giftwrapping"....As most of western society does!

I just enjoy playing a "girly girl" ...And like my maleness as well...And appreciate it even more, after very long in high heels, pantyhose, bra, girdle, etc! (((Ouch))) Have to keep my girly figure! (And no, I couldn't actually "walk a mile" in your shoes, even if I wanted to.)<br />
In fact, I feel it ironically takes "balls" for a straight guy to want to act girly. (But only when "enfemme"/drag) And went out dress shopping & trying some on today, with compliments from the salesladies...It felt great! They even told me I looked pretty! Woo Hoo. and felt Empowering! (May have to do it more often)

Well, may I suggest that you find someone that enjoys the xdress bit (boy or girl) and just indulge! Part of the secret is to share - you can prance about, sing, serenade, kiss, cuddle, play act, make love. Whatever!! Just do it. As an xdresser myself, there is nothing more fantastic than sharing/playing with a real girl!

I'm the same - if I could be I would be!!

= ) I love sephora....but thats not the point. if you want to go for it,haha

i would guess both, but the original poster was a transvestite trapped in a womans body...BTW whats an regular drag queen? sounds like a drink at a trendy little bar......

Wait, are we talking about regular drag queens, or is this also a discussion board for Transvestites and trans-gendered people?

you can always wear a strap on....

Why Not?? Remember the Victor / Victoria story? Dress, act, makeup etc like a Drag Queen and you can be one!!<br />
<br />
You CAN make your dreams come true! <br />
<br />
Good Luck!!!