My Car

Once upon a time I owned a 1971 Chevy Nova. 350 engine, 1x2bbl carb, Corvette tranny and suspension. Not as beefy as it could have been but... well Grandma had owned it, I inherited it, I didn't have the money to soup it up. At least I had it for a while.

Anyway, there was a guy with a 69 Z28 in my trailer court who started talking trash when he found out I had my Nova. It got pretty bad until one afternoon, we didn't plan this, I saw him behind me, heading towards the highway south of where we lived. I think we had the same thing in mind.

We got to the road and rolling-started. I floorboarded it... and smoked him BAD. The Z could NOT catch up. I was SO happy. 110 miles an hour and never gonna die. No more trash talking after that, the matter was settled. 

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Feb 16, 2009