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New Dbz Movie!!!

I have a very strong feeling that there will be a Dragon Ball Z movie coming out soon.  I mean with real life people playing the characters and most likely a  remake of the anime.

I believe this may be so because the cartoon tv channels used to play a lot of Avatar the Last Air Bender.  Then they made the real life movie.  After the movie they hardly played it anymore and that's when Dragon Ball Z started coming on.  At first maybe a few of episodes a week.  Then they started playing them everyday. And now they are playing all day everyday. Not only is DBZ playing now but DBGT, DB, and a lot of DBZ movies

I think this might have been planned from the beginning.  At first they played from the beginning of DBZ up untill right before the end. They restarted playing the whole season right at the beginning of the climax, when Goku and Frieza were about to fight. It was started over maybe three times before showing the end.  

I am just hoping the movie will begin with Raditz and end with the appearance of Trunks.  I don't care if it's an 8 hour movie like some of Spielberg's movies.  As long as they don't twist the the plot and skip big parts of the story, if they do make a new movie.  
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I really love the anime version but I don't like the live action film Dragon Ball Evolution. It's almost totally different with the anime version.

I remember that episode---the first indication of the immense power Gohan wielded. Did you ever see the 2009 movie Dragonball Evolution ? I think it was the first attempt at moving the anime to live action, but it ended up getting universally panned and went quietly to dvd after just a couple of months.