Dragon ball Z is the absolute greatest! i love nothing better then sitting down and watching DBZ, i could honestly watch it all day. The only complaint i have about it is i think that when future trunks got blasted by cell and died, vegeta should have went ssj2 because i mean, his son just died, it bothers me that vegeta never is the true hero and never gets the bad guy in the end. it would have been badass if while gohan was struggling with his kamehameha wave against cell that vegeta stepped in and helped him by fusing his galic gun in there to save the day along side! ^.^ best show ever, my all time favourite no doubt. Oh and i have all of the boxsets of dragon ball, dragon ball Z and dragon ball GT, and all of the movies of the series, my little collection, can't get enough of this show! 
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THERES A DRAGON BALL Z GROUP HERE!!!!! MANNNNNNN IF I ONLY KNEW. Definitely goina join that!!! And vegeta? that guy is a DON. And yea i know what you mean , vegeta doesn't get enough credit on that show. He should have been the one to kill freiza, since freiza blew up his planet and all.<br />
<br />
I still watch the shows, on youtube. Watch a few clips here and there, memorable moments. DBZ will forever live in me. I'm goina be thinking about it till my dying days.

haha man, me too! on my death bed, i dont want anyone with me just staring at a poster of dbz !

no doubt. might even call my kids vegeta and gohan, have them die their hair blonde when they turn 2 and start giving them steroids when they turn 3.

thats a great idea! why havent i thought of it