Dragonflys Amongst Us...

My story began on my birthday this year....January 16, 2012.

It begun as a cold rainy day (it usualy very cold in January nothing unsual) on my birthday. The catch-22 is that although its my BIRTHDAY, my dad PASSED away on my BIRTHDAY! So I can't CELEBRATE and be JOYOUS, because I am always in a state of MOURNING during this time.

And as usual, I always visit FORESTLAWN to bring balloons and flowers to the cemetary on my birthday. This particular was no different, except I had gotten my BELOVED a RED balloon, some flowers, but before I could leave the car - the BALLOON flew up into the SKY.

Oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. It almost seemed like my dad was waiting for me to arrive! As I walked closer the gravesite I became disappointed because I could not present him with his balloon, maybe subliminally that was his way of ACCEPTING the balloon as his gift. So I knelt and put flowers in his urn instead and stayed awhiel to TALK.

Now my heart was very HEAVY, it was PAINFULLY sad and I was miserable! Yes, even on my birthday I was SAD! I cried as I talked, I cried, as I laughed, I cried as I looked at his grave wishing he was STILL HERE (I know he could never return, but he is always around).

And so as I poured out my heart in tears, I tried to wrap things up because it was time to go and I wanted to at least try to have a good day on my BIRTHDAY.

I couldnt leave because I always after I finish talking to my dad I go to his mother's gravesite which sits in front of his gravesite and I try to talk with her, and share my WORLD.

I noticed with tears filled in eyes as I walked up and sat next to her gravesite a beautiful object....................it was a emerald DRAGONFLY.

Oh my..........what a beautiful creature it was. As I talked to my step-grandmother and shared my world, it almost felt like she was handing me a gift. The dragonfly seemed to embrace my tears, my cry, my saddness as if to tell me IT WILL BE OK!

Teh dragonfly was SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. My grandmother seemed like she was hearing my pain, my hurt and saddness and was trying to wrap her arms around me to HUG & HOLD me. She was a beautiful LADY.

A beloved person, she loved to laugh, cook, talk and be around always!

And as I began to leave, she reached out & gave me her strength......her DRAGONFLY!

As I looked back I couldn't help but to feel love.

I now keep the emerald DRAGONFLY with me always as a daily reminder that someone loves me.

I reserached the significance of DRAGONFLY and here's what i found:

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Quick-list symbolism of the dragonfly:

good luck

More generally, in Japan dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness.

Because of it is a creature of water (which symbolically deals with thoughts, dreams and intuition), the dragonfly is a symbol of our thoughts. We can use it as an emblem of balanced mind because the dragonfly represents the two realms of thought.

The dragonfly is associated with the subconscious and the thoughts that go with it. The dragonfly dwells above the water surface and just as the water ripples and moves with the slightest touch, it is said that our subconscious state of mind also does the same. The dragonfly symbolism holds that the subconscious mind has the ability to let deeper thoughts resurface to the fore, just as when the dragonfly skitters across the surface of the water and makes it ripple from its calm state. Thus it makes us think of the deep thoughts that have been lying in the mind's folds and contemplate about them in detail. It allows us to take certain decisions regarding those points as well.

There are several other myths and lores associated with this creature,. Especially in Japan and Native America, the dragonfly symbolism runs deep into the very culture of the land. In Japan, the dragonfly is associated with the seasons of summer and autumn and is the very totem of victory, power and agility. That is why Samurai warriors use it as a symbol of strength and power. In native America, it signifies happiness, purity and speed because it is an insect that dwells excellently well in both water and land. In China, the dragonfly symbolism extends to include qualities like prosperity, harmony and a general good luck charm.

....and so the emerald DRAGONFLY has now become a source of:
Positive Force

All of which I am learnign to be strong, embrace CHANGE & grow.

Why do u love DRAGONFLIES??
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1 Response May 10, 2012

That is so interesting, Ive researched alot, but never saw anything regarding our subconscious. thanks for the post, hope your sadness fades, life is difficult, but without darkness how would we ever see light? If we nothing left to learn, we have no reason to move on. I hope you find reasons to smile, and when you see the lovely dragonfly, your heart is filled with warmth. <3