My Love For Dragons

This may seem a bit odd comming from a 27yo male but why not. I love dragons they are like a drug to me, but a good one. In days were I feel blue, just the thought of dragons makes me feel whole again.
I have always loved them, I do wish they were or are real, even if in the afterlife. I always tell people that heaven for me is where the dragons are. Most people reply back and say "Looks like your going to hell", its ok though, I believe dragons are good and exist in heaven, I hope anyway. I have loved dragons since I can remember, now don't get me wrong, my obsession does not take me to the point I think I am one. I see many often younger people that tend to think they are a furry or are actually a dragon. As much as I wish I was, I know, I am not a dragon but just a human that loves them.
They are the one thing in my head that gives me motivation through each and every day, I do not know why but it does not upset me.
I am still a regular person with a good income and a large shop to perform my metalurgy works in, so don't get me wrong I am not stuck in a fantasy. I very much mantain a connection with reality, but I throw a little fantasy in just to spice reality up a bit, often this un-be-known to the people around me.
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I don't think it's odd at all,sir,mainly because i too am a big fan of dragons myself and see them as fantastic and magical creatures that are worthy of praise. Dragons have long been my favourite magical creatures since i first read about Smaug in The Hobbit at age 12 .So,sir do you have a favourite dragon that you think is the best?I was just watching an episode of Merlin and i have to admit that the golden talking dragon is my favourite character mainly because he's the most intelligent.

you should check out furaffinnity and devian art....But mostly Furaffinnity ...Trust me you are not the only one ;-)

Oh I know both those places, I visit Deviantart the most, even posted some of my own work there.

Actually my avatar came from furaffinnity.

Well who says that they doesnt exist in real life?Just because you cant always see them,doesnt proof that they aren't here among us...

There's nothing obsessive or fantasmical about feeling that one's a dragon. I know I am. Like other dragons in human form, I had my awakening and knew, from that moment on, that I don't have a human soul. So, dragons do exist. Check out the I Am A Dragon group for others' stories on that matter.<br />
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Most of us draconic humans are regular people too. Many of us, me included, don't have magic, we have no mind-boggling skills, what talents we do possess are human in nature -- we just blend. But it's what you feel in your soul that counts, to know that, despite your body, you ARE a dragon and may resume your true form again after your human life is over. No-one can say, so I'm open to all arguments about re-incarnation and afterlives and before-lives and all. I know what I believe and have faith that it's true.<br />
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As the two previous posters here noted, the dragons of today's world are elemental creatures, rather than the lovely and good creatures of wings, scales and talons that we all adore.

I once met a practitioner of dragon magic. I don't know anything about it but, you might want to look into it. I often use dragons as elemental representations in my own spiritual and magical practices. We are surrounded by creatures and entities we can not see; I believe some of these are dragons.