I Have A Children's Dragon Story

Several years ago my nephew wanted me to tell him a bedtime story. So I told him the story behind my favorite song, Puff the Magic Dragon.

When I got to the end my nephew was crying so hard I had to make up another chapter of the story so it would have a happy ending. I know this story is a total rip off of the song, but I liked the ending. Read it only if you want to know what ever happened to poor Puff?

Puff the Magic Dragon

Long ago, in a land far across the see there lived a giant dragon named Puff. Though he was scary to look at, with long sharp teeth and claws, green metallic scales hard as steel, and smoke curling from his nose he was really quite nice. However he had no friends because every time he saw someone they ran away.

Then one day, after Puff had tried to make friends with someone new only to have them run away, the dragon was feeling sad in his cave. He heard a high boyish voice, “Hello, is anyone there?”

Puff looked up and saw a tiny figure at the opening of his cave. It was a little boy, and he didn’t seem afraid. “I am here.” Said Puff in his very deep voice.

“Hello, I’m Jackie. Jackie Paper, will you be my friend?” the boy asked.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” asked Puff.

“Why should I be?” the boy asked reasonably. Puff knew what he looked like, but he didn’t want to lose the first friend he’d ever had.

Puff and Jackie became best friends. They had many adventures together and Jackie would bring Puff really cool presents like string and sealing wax. It wasn’t the strings and wax Puff loved so much as that they were from his friend Jackie.

Jackie came to visit Puff every day for a long time but then one night Jackie didn’t come. Puff wasn’t worried at first. Jackie would come the next night. But he didn’t. After a while Puff was very sad again.

He sat in his cave and cried. He was so sad that his scales started falling off. You see a dragon lives forever, but little boys do not.

Then one day Puff heard something in his cave. “Puff, Hello? “Puff the Magic Dragon?” Puff looked up. It had been many many years, but could it be? Was it really…? Puff jumped and ran to the boy “Jackie Jackie, I’ve missed you so much!” Puff was so excited sparks were shooting out his nose. He also didn’t see the boy was terrified.

Puff picked the boy up in a huge hug, but then he noticed the boy was screaming, “I’m not Jackie, I’m not Jackie.” Puff looked at the boy and put him down gently.

“You look like Jackie.” Puff told him.

“I’m Peter. Jackie is my daddy and he told me about you so I came to play with you.”

Puff was shocked “Jackie’s a daddy?” Puff asked. Puff was amazed that his old friend had become a daddy. But Peter and Puff became friends and they too had many adventures. But like his father, one night Peter failed to come to see Puff and the Dragon was sad again.

But Peter gave Puff the most wonderful present in the world. Way better than all the string and sealing wax in the world. Peter wrote a song about Puff the Magic Dragon, and everyone loved the song. Now Puff has lots of friends who come to play every night. You can be Puff’s friend too. All you have to do is close your eyes and picture a cave by the see. Don’t be scared when you see Puff. He only looks scary. All he wants is to be your friend.
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Apr 23, 2012