I Want A Pact With One.

Anyone who has played Drakengard will know what I'm talking about. I would give up something of mine si I could actually share it's power.I think it would be awesome. I would want a black one that looks mean. I have a collection of dragon pics I've found on the internet. I just wish I could own one.
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I have played Drakengard as well,a pretty good game by the way,a Dynasty Warriors with a Panzer Dragoon touch xD<br />
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I want to draw a series of portraits or a small book inspired by this game,one about a knight of black eyes and a black dragon with red wings.

We share the same wish! I love dragons deeply, they are my motivation in life and always give me a reason to smile. I also have a collection of dragons pictures from the internet which I have been collecting for more than 10 years, also trying to keep my real collection up too. Anyone who knows me knows I love dragons!