its 3:40am and ive got dragons on the mind. ive spent countless nights dreaming of the winged creatures. not because i love them, but because i want to be one of them. most people would think im crazy or just over imaginative, the truth is for nearly 20 years this has been a dream of mine. i find myself awestruck by thier beauty and envious of thier power. nothing in the world would please me more then to become a dragon.
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I can truly relate because i too am a huge fan of dragons and can't get enough of the winged creatures. They are cool

I've been reading one book about them and i think they are real like you know?The world is big and human can't even search all of the species of animals or plants and stuff.There's a lot of things that human can't find the reason why.

You inspire me.

my dragon wish has plagued me all my life. how can i achieve this...empowerment? i want it with every fiber of my being.