The 365 Day Iphone And Ipad Challenge = How It Changed My Life

I suffered from severe insecurity for years but art just kept haunting me. I knew what I was meant to do, but I was beaten down by family members who ridiculed my efforts.
One day I just decided I'd had enough. It had been 35 years. It was time. So I just started drawing on my IPhone because digital had always felt natural. So I kept at it every single day. Some days it was really awful, but those were necessary.
During that year, I went through a lot of breakthroughs, where my art changed completely. Each time I was shocked and wondered, "Who drew that?"
Then the dragons came. Slowly, but about the 300th day. I finished the 365th day and continue them.
I now have over 140 of them and am considering a children's book with stories about each one.
Dragons truly changed my life and made things seem possible.
Thanks for listening.
arthauntsme arthauntsme
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2012

Cool drawing,ma'am and the story is an inspiring one too

i love your dragon! is that a little knight on its wing? i really like the colours and the claws are very cool. <br />
your story is amazing and its flipping me out because its exactly like me. i had some family type problems which i think held me back but when i decided to start painting it was just gushing out of me. i made over 400 paintings in 2 years. i painted every day i possibly could and often into the night. <br />
its good that you are getting ideas about how to present your art in a way for people to see it.