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Gotta Love 'em

Even back when I was little, I loved dragons! I would always watch my favorite show, Dragon Tales. Later, I came across a book in the library about dragons. Then,somehow, I got the most craziest idea ever. That I would go out and see if dragons were real. So, I studied up on dragons but then the idea passed, but here I am, HUNTING dragons! Ya...I play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I need a life dont I?
kuroyurikiikat kuroyurikiikat 16-17, F 3 Responses Jul 25, 2012

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I watched Dragon Tales too. Weirdest, show, ever.

I used to always enjoy watching it =^^=

I used to think it was the best show ever

I did when I was three. Then I got to the "imaginary friends" phase and then everything went downhill from there.

Back then I had all these stuffed animals and I kept all I could on my bed and you couldnt even see the bed (I had a bunkbed and I had the top bunk) I used to give my stuffed animals birthday parties. I would spread out a blanket and I had this little plastic tea set so I would those. But now I dont if your wondering...

O I figured.

People are wierd when theyre young :)

Weird is an understatement

My best friend tends to call me crazy alot :/

Some of the greatest people were called crazy

LIKE ME XD!!!! Im just kidding





Lol. Yolo. I think.

I dont know either. Lol.






O-O No need to go there bro


Nuthin :) Lol

Lol. Kk





Meow :3

Bark. Lol



Merp o3o

Havent done THAT in awhile :3

Derp. Lol

MERP goes the fish


Bark goes the dog.

Something smells FISHY over here... e_e o3o

Is it that master of fishery?

Lol what?

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I'm part dragon... Awkward

I LOVE DRAGONS O-O. THAT IS SO COOL =^^=!!! Im a werecat :)

I know :)

My furs pure white and I have bright orange eyes =^^= What color are your scales?

Dark purple

Cool O-O

I found a picture of my dragon and uploaded it on ep if you want to see it

Yeah I saw it :) Have you ever shifted before?

No.. But I saw my dragon during meditation

Ive phantom shifted, astral shifted, and someone told me that Ive mental shifted before :/... BUT I CANT PHYSICAL SHIFT ToT!!!

I have phantom shifted, mental shifted and physical shifted into my wolf form


Wat is a astral shift?

When you can shift in your dreams.

Oh cool. I have astral shifted then

Cool =^^=

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I HATE THOSE KUT-KUHS!!! They're easy to kill, but THEY'RE SO ANNOYING! ESPECIALLY the blue ones. But they do make decent armor and weapons...I have the kut-kuh bow stave 1 and working on the second!