I Have always loved dragons myself and come to think of it my like for them my be borderline obsession. I draw dragons I have spent tons of time creating dragon images like the one in my picture. I like to think that so many cultures seperated by so many miles in a time when it was not easy to communicate with others around the world would not be able to make up the same story about dragons. Since seemingly every culture has a tale of dragons it makes you think there is a possibility that they did exist. I have literally wizards and dragons covering the entire wall in my bedroom....some of my friends have said you know you are 23 and you still have crap like this hanging up...but i could care less I draw alot and tend to use them as motivation while drawing.
Hep Hep
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1 Response May 22, 2007

I think it is awesome that you draw dragons and wizards. they fascinate me. I agree they must have existed. They are in mythology from China to Ireland. I am inspired by your story and hope to to try drawing some dragons and wizards. I love the little pewter statues of wizards with a crystal in the staff.:)