They Keep Him Close

My love of dragons comes from my second husband. He loved all things mystical, dragons being one of is great loves. The first Christmas we were together I bought him a beautiful glass and crystal dragon and after that occasion every holiday, birthday & event brought a dragon into our home. I mostly purchased him pewter dragons, I found them dignified and quirky plus I didn't have to worry about the kiddies knocking them off the shelf.

Our years together were marked by the types of dragons that were purchased, our wedding brought two dragons intertwined, the birth of our daughter brought a little dragon in an egg. I haven't purchased him a dragon since 2008. The last one I bought was of a dragon sleeping and in his arms he was holding a fairy who was also deep in sleep. He never had the chance to see that dragon, I purchased it for his funeral and had it arranged in the flower arrangement that said "Husband."

I haven't been able to buy a dragon since but I do enjoy looking at his/our collection. They make me feel close to him when he is so far away. I loved my husband very much, in death I learned some things about him that has made it hard for me to mourn him the way I would like to but that love is still there. He is still the dragon who held me in his arms every night, who would pull me close to him and wrap my arm in his telling me to come right where I belonged, in his arms, our hearts beating as one.
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Hello,Coffeemom73, i collect dragons and i think it is just sweet how you and your husband collect different kinds of dragons such as dragons with tails intertwined or lying asleep or in egg shells.I build sculptures of dragons as well as other magical and mythical creatures ,mam, and dragons are my favourite magical creature to build

Saying that is a beautiful story I don't feel does it justice. I am very sorry for your loss, I have a feeling he would have loved the dragon you picked out for his funeral. Thank you for sharing that story with us