Cool Dragon

A little boy brought my eyes to wonder in the realm of dragons. Wide-eyed and full of fascination, he loved hearing dragon stories before going to bed. In his state of marvel, my curiosity was aroused and I bought books upon books about this mythical creature. We have molded figures as well that became a small collection over the years. From shirts to posters to was a child's obsession magnified by an adult's excessive indulgence.

I wonder about dragons and fairies...together...


Cool, ay?

Sylphy Sylphy
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18 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Excellent dragon card,mam One of yours?If so , then it is really coolant you must be a truly awesome dragon artist.Coolstory,too.

If only I had someone that would do that with me when I was younger, I really do appriciate you expanded his love for dragons and the fantasy :3

Way to go!

dragons and fairies, well I happen to be otherkin and i used to know someone that considered herself a fairy and the thing is. We never clicked, she ended up dumping me.
But apart from personal experience, I do think they might go together quite well.

Quite cool indeed :3 Very fond of the art.

Thanks, Omniel. :) Very cool indeed. I love her designs. ;)

That is something I still need to do...paint...but it's in my list. I try to draw...but I'm not that good. Did you mean the Faeries by Froud and Lee? Oooohhh...I have this, too! And yes, you should post the picture of your dragon drawing. Would love to see it. thanks for the comment, Galaxy. :)

Ive always loved painting and drawing dragons. I still have one I did when I was 18 as part of my portfolio to get into Graphic Art school. I may even post a pic of it one day.<br />
I love how a child can delight in a fantasy creature such as a dragon! I also have the first book called Faeries which is also full of facinating paintings and drawings.

Thanks,'s an overwhelming but a fun journey the fairy and the dragon leave with fate *crossing fingers*. :)

What a combination. I love the art too. May you and your dragon boy always prosper together, Sylph.

That just sounds weird, HT. LOL Or maybe I'm imagining something really funny.....never mind! ;)

Thanks, Bliss...I love myths and legends and folktales and fairytales...oh heck, anything that's not real, I guess. But would love for even some of them to be real...sigh... :)

Very cool story and great image to go with it. Love those mythical tales ... they really do fire the imagination.

He has a strong upper body? :)

Then how the heck will the small knight carry a big damn sword??! Did that just sound quite not right???<br />
LOL ;)

Lol, i haven't seen shrek in a long time. If the knights that small, better have a really big sword :P

Thanks, Bells...I love the how the dragon and fairy are staring at each other...almost humorous. :)<br />
<br />
LOL, HT! :D We have a bet then. But what if the knight turns out to be in Shrek, Lord Farquaad, though he wasn't a knight...??? lmao ;)

I'd be rooting for the knight. But only if the dragon was really really small. :P

Very cool !!

Could be a young knight in the making... :)<br />
Thanks, Taken...

I'm betting on the dragon...unless I see who the knight is first. LOL ;)