Finished drawing pitbull I guess he's ok. Lemme know what yah think like plz if u read this tell me bottom left is almost done right is complete and top left is a reference photo
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

looks good, when you do a face, always try to start out with a cross that is in the middle of the face, when you draw according to the cross, then your drawings become proportional(i.e. nose in the middle, cheekbones across from eachother and same size, etc. also, I started using prisma colors and blenders(google it if you don't know) at your age and never looked back, just a little friendly artist to artist advice:)

Lol I know this is hella late but thx for the advice and I don't use the cross technique I use the shapes but I'll try it and thank u again 😌