Don't have them yet but plan to begin today!!been natural about a decade now but over a year I began to wear twists. now I prefer my hair that way and see no point putting stress on my hair detangling. time to loc up! I'm so excited and think it will only inspire me and others plus facilitate more growth!
caramelpeace caramelpeace
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1 Response Dec 5, 2015

Okay that's what's up rite there, I see nothing wrong with that at all. What color is your hair??

its,black I finished the start locs.

I know what you mean I remember when I started mines, now I love them could see my self no other way.

was wearing twists over a year lately let them be like free form and think it will be a beautiful outcome. how long have you worn locs?

Yes it will be an beautiful out come, ummmm like five or six years. I keep cutting them some of mines ends act like don't want to loc. I'm sure there should be longer but I like them just the way they are

that's what matters most. already love mine too

You rite all that matters, I'm sure your gonna have great our come and wish you did it sooner.

sounds great ...and time waits for no you're prob right

now you see them

meant to say here...there's my pic noe

Nice I like them too😄

thanks. tried to make them fit my curl pattern .cuz doing semi free form.

Nothing wrong with that, there few different ways long as your way fits you, for your self

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