Boiled Egg Dream!

Just joined today...I hear that I can get feedback about dreams here. That would be great since I feel like I need to get this down before I forget. Otherwise if I'm not following protocol, please let me know!
Dream: I was in a supermarket (common theme of mine; and for some reason spelling of 'theme' looks incorrect in my head!)...Anyway, I was in the produce section and I kept finding hard boiled eggs laying around. Almost like an egg hunt but in the produce section. I found one or two in a bag of potatoes and though it looked a bit overcooked like boiled eggs can look, it was fine. I mean mixed in with a bag of potatoes it should've been plenty mashed up, right? I was gingerly trying to get it out of the bag. For some reason I knew that there were other eggs in other parts of the produce section; over with the carrots, over by the tomatoes, etc. The eggs are all boiled and I think all brown (because I like to purchase brown shelled eggs in real life). The experience was vivid and I know there was more to it but these details stood out for me...
masave masave
41-45, F
Mar 14, 2012