Lucid Dreaming

Im working on my lucid dreaming techniques. I was hoping there was other people who can help and give me tips

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Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.
Record the following in your dream journal:

Was the dream set in the past, present or future?
Who was in the dream, known and unknown
Your feelings, your mood
The story that unfolded
Anything visually striking, such as colors, shapes, numbers, figures
Was conflict involved?
Did you deal with problems as they arose?
Was there anything in the dream you've dreamed about before?
The ending.
This helps remember dreams and concentrate on them. Over time, read over your dreams again, find patterns or signs that happens in each dream. Example, In each of my recorded dreams in my journal their is a massive amount of fruit wherever I go so now I know whenever I see that I must be dreaming. Which is way helpful.

Another good one is to set an alarm 4-6 hours after you've fallen asleep which will wake you in the middle of your dream. When it does, concentrate on the dream you were having but this time focus on being awake in the dream. They say it helps to repeat "I will be aware I am dreaming" or something similar so it really sinks in your brain.

Another tip, find something to stare a few minutes before you sleep and once your awake.Staring it will help you concentrate on things you might have forgotten.

Do reality checks to know whether you're awake or dreaming.Do these constantly, ALL the time so that you do them naturally and your dream self will do them too and you can realize when you are dreaming. Reality Checks include counting your fingers which is physically impossible in a dream. You would have about 7 fingers or 3 hands in a dream. Another is to do double takes when you read a text. If you see a poster in a dream, you think it says The Beatles but if you look again it would change to Thb Eatlese or something weird because text always moves around in dreams. When you preform these checks and something weird happens, it helps your mind to know you're dreaming HOWEVER-

If you realize you are dreaming and you're like HOLY SHI- and freak, you'll wake up of excitement. So in lucid dreaming it is important to focus and stay calm. Plan something to do once you finally awaken in a dream so you have something to focus on instead of just freaking out. For example say you want to fly once you realize you are awake, so you have something to do to prevent you from awaking.

This takes a lot of practice to finally get, a LOT. However the first times you start taking these tips and other methods your dreams already start getting clearer and more vivid if you really concentrate, which is only more awesome because in my case, my dreams kept getting sweeter and sweeter.

Google many other tips and methods, there is a lot. I took notes in my dream journal so I would remember them. Also Youtube videos on people's experiences who have done lucid dreaming for years help out alot because they know more and give personal tips and stories that excite you.

The coolest thing I've herd is that gravity isn't how it is here, its looser and you can easily fly if you try hard enough, I think that's insane. Its real cool but lucid dreaming take a lot of dedication.

Wow that sounds cool I will have to try it.

Try calming your mind an hour before sleeping (no TV, no computers, no nothing that will keep your mind active). During this hour, focus on what it is you want answered when dreaming. It also helps to create an environment that is calm, peaceful and relaxing. Repeat this as much, and consistently, as possible, until you are finally able to control yourself in the dream-time. Good luck!