Dream World

Long ago I used to dread going to sleep. I had the most horrible nightmares and I prayed for “no dreams”. But it all changed suddenly couple of years ago, now most of the time I have dreams that are very desirable and I learn a lot from them, not to say I did not learned from my nightmares. I still have dreams that some may consider frightening but I now recognize their symbolic meaning. Now I am looking forward to dreams because in the dream world I am no longer a subject to the law of gravity and no longer confined to the planet Earth. I see creatures that as far as I know don’t even exist in my wildest imagination. The animals can talk and the dinosaurs can walk, well mostly they run and I being their prey, do naturally run away. But it’s ok because seeing live dinosaurs in dreams is amazing and it’s also safe. :)

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Thank you Datura :) I don’t know why I dream of dinosaurs I am not particularly interested in them. I dreamed of one couple of days ago, a smaller one, waiting for me like a dog to come home. I pretended I did not see it.

I look forward to my dreams, too, Luda. I love figuring out the symbolism. I've never dreamed of dinosaurs, though!<br />
I really like the illustration to your story!