At Least Some..

Of course I don't like them when they're spooky or I feel uncomfortable, but I have a lot of wonderful dreams.

Dreams are a beautiful part in our life, I think. Sometimes dreams really save me. I can have the most awful day, and still feel good because of a nice dream.

I don't really care about what happens in the dream, I just love the feelings. I love it when I hugged someone in my dreams and felt so comfortable and nice, so loved. And then the other day this feeling stays with me for the whole day.

Of course it can be the other way round too, but luckily not that often.

Some dreams are just weird and don't make you feel anything, others frighten you to death and make you wake up, others leave a warm and cosy feeling in your heart that stays with you for quite a long time. Those are the dreams I love and maybe need :)

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1 Response Apr 13, 2008

I find that if I share my dreams with those at work or my friends it uplifts their day. They always love to hear what epic adventure I had, or what weird thing happened to me, or if I had a special ability like being able to jump really high or camoflauge myself. They're always amazed at what my dreams are like and tell me they never have dreams like that. I often wonder why...