An excellent amateur collection of dressed/undressed!
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The page no longer exists. It is being hosted by as a domain name only, no content on here... Anybody got a cached copy or some photos that they D/L'd to share?

It gives me statistics on the site, but no access to a site. Sorry.

excellent collection ;)

just looked at them again -- nudity is such a wonderful equalizer and is beautiful despite age, body shape, sexuality, etc. I imagine though that a lot of the women who are comfortable with standing proudly naked also enjoy sexual pleasure.

Yes, nudity is such a wonderful equalizer. well said!

thanks for the link... great site makes me happy to see there are ladies who are happy to be naked

Oh what a site. Yes, I especially liked this site because it was real women showing off. I am an odd duck, I suppose, but for me, a major part of the fun was seeing what the women wore clothed. I love the way women express themselves through their clothing choices. I am not so sure the world would be better with nudity any more accepted in public than it is. I think it is exciting to keep it a bit naughty to show, not because of shame, but because of "modesty". It is the fact that you don't just always get to see the beauty that adds to the mystery, I think. I can see arguments for the other point of view though, and I certainly have not seen enough female nudity. I have long wished my wife were willing to show off more. I am going to have to find a wife that I can have fun with, whether she is someone else's wife, or a replacement wife for me.

Great link...have to agree with consa...the 'real' factor is refreshing!

Thanks for sharing!

Great site

I agree! Thanks for the link.