A Cute Fashion Statement ... Anytime

A simple shirtdress is very versatile and an essential for every gal's, I believe, wardrobe.

It can be perfect for work as well as a casual outing, during the week or the weekend.

It is fuss free and accessories can change up the look everytime.

Cottons or denim, long layered necklaces and a skinny belt for fun. Or maybe a fat belt and matching shoes for work.

A short one, mid-thigh maybe, for around the house and even as a nightgown.


Yes, I love them.
Josie06 Josie06
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8 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I sure like them, my wife wears the zipper type, makes it so much better to play with her in public... :) At a Club.... :)

Do you ever leave a couple of the bottom buttons unbuttoned? I do it all of the time.

Me too... and the nipples that are outlined or poke through them as the weather turns cold... The whole prospect is so feminine and classy. Once again... just one guy's opinion.

Speaking of winter/fall (colder months) ... I adore sweater dress too.

Amen to you both on all the points you make. <br />
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Josie, the examples you included are all hot! Every one of them. Also makes a guy wonder what a woman may, is or is not wearing under them.<br />
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emerald, you are so right about the access that front button shirts and dresses offer. Not just better, but easier and quicker, both to gain access and to quickly cover up if or when necessary for unexpected interuptions. (or is it that they're better on the access because they're easier? I think all of the above). I like the idea of your zipper front shirt. And in the winter, zipper front sweaters and sweatshirts are also something every girl should have in her wardrobe... and wear them.<br />
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But that's just this one guy's opinion.

ROFL! I don't think so! This is the gal that has a zipper front shirt, and that could make a nice steamy story.... but instead, I caught my breast in it once! SO far I have had better luck with buttons! ;) lol

Emerald, sounds like you need to write that story of 'personal experience'.<br />
<br />
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And let's face it... all GOOD romances start with front button shirts and dresses! ;) hehehe ( better access!)