Thinking About Coming Out To My Girlfriend

She has caught me dressing before. Not in person but on my phone. I had pics on my phone of me fully dressed with her make up and all. Her underwear, bra, stockings , mini skirt, heels and top. We kinda talked about it for a little but i was so embarrassed that i got the topic dropped and we never talked about it again.

This site has got me very comfortable and more open. The other day i told my girl when she was at work, i texted her, and told her I wanted her to dominate me. And she was turned on. She got into it and told me i had to call her ma'am only. She said when she got home she was going to bend me over and spank me and put 2 fingers in my ***. It seems that shes into a little kink. I hope to hear from you who have come out to anyone and what it was like. Could use the support. Im really scared but at the same time i would love to stop sneaking around. I could shop with her and be open with it.
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Your lucky to find such a girl!

I told my wife early in our relationship. It took her a little bit time for her to learn to accept it fully . Im very pleased that I confided in her and Im very happy to have an understanding wife. It can make your relationship much stronger by being open and honest with her :-)

I told my girlfriend and it was the best thing i did! Now she helps me eith make up we go clothes shopping together its great.she says its like having a boyfriend and girlfriend in one!

Lucky you-that is great!

Fabulous sweetie

Honesty is the best policy

I've been thinking about doing this too. I'm so afraid, she had no idea that I even do this. I hope everything turns out great for you!


Sweet, get her to look up male chastity devices if you really want to have some fun!!! my gf dominates me very well! My butt is red now from being paddled last night!
I came out to my gf about dressing and shes not into it which really sucks, I really wish she liked it, could make for alot of fun! But shes working halloween so im dressing up and going out for some fun!!! I cant wait, ive never been in public fully dressed up! Im really excited about it, to bad only once a year you can do it and nobody think any thing about it

Go for it If she really cares it will work

Are you dressed for the night of fun?