Shopping With My Wife

Before we were married I came totally clean to my wife about the fact that I loved to wear women's clothing, especially pantyhose. There is something extremely sexy about the look and feel of pantyhose on my legs, and there are few things sexier than seeing a woman wearing a dress or skirt, pantyhose and heels! However, she asked me to stop and I promised to not wear them.

Through our dating years and three years into our marriage I kept my promise, not wearing a pair of pantyhose for the longest period of my life though I did have a few thoughts about them. You see, we decided not to have sex until we got married and sometimes I did think about wearing pantyhose when I was home alone, thinking about wearing them as I *********** before I fell asleep. Some would say that's the same as if I've got them on but I believe I kept my promise.

However (and you knew that was coming) as time passed the wear and tear of marriage, work, kids (mine from a previous marriage) and regular dealings with a less than pleasant ex-wife our stress level increased. Love-making dropped to less than once a month and for me that meant more ************ and fantasies about wearing a pair of pantyhose. I would touch my wife's pantyhose and one night I slide just one leg into a pair of her pantyhose. It felt wonderful to even have had that much contact with pantyhose but I did not fully pull them on, mostly because my wife wears a size smaller pantyhose than I wear.

During an annual physical the doctor noticed that I had varicose vein issues and she said that though it's not popular with guys, I should consider wearing support pantyhose! I tried to act shocked and pretend that that was not what I wanted to hear but on the inside my heart had skipped a beat, knowing that this was my dream come true, a legitimate opportunity for me to wear pantyhose! I knew they would not be as nice as what I used to wear on a near daily basis (Hanes Silk Reflections) but I was happy I could wear pantyhose. I told my wife about my physical exam results and then finally told her what my (female) doctor said about my legs.

My wife was not totally pleased but understood. The next time we were in the department store I went to the women's section and picked out a pair of Hanes Alive in Barely There and we bought them together. After I had worn my first pair of support pantyhose I had to admit that they felt surprisingly good but they were not the soft, silky sheer Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose that I loved to wear. And they certainly were not nearly as easy to pull up my legs like my Hanes Silk Reflections were but I was happy that I was now able to wear pantyhose. But I realized as I was rinsing them out that night that one pair was not enough and that I needed to buy more pantyhose because it was not practical to rinse out my one pair every night if I was going to wear them daily, or at least to work where I sit throughout most of the day.

So I got on-line and ordered two more packages (six pairs of pantyhose) from One Hanes Place, one package Barely There and the other Little Color. Then I decided I needed to try L'eggs Sheer Energy again. (I wore a pair like them the first time I went running and wore pantyhose openly in public years ago.) So I bought of pair of them. Before my mini buying spree was over I had two pairs of Hanes Silk Reflections, three pairs of Hanes Ultra Sheer pantyhose, one pair of Woford Satin Touch pantyhose and a pair of Peavey pantyhose, just like the Hooter's girls wear as well as the pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy and six (6) pairs of Hanes Alive. I now had more than a dozen pairs of pantyhose in my drawer and my wife did not seem to mind. How many men can honestly say they own more pantyhose than their wife does? I know some probably do but when I think about all the pairs of sheer pantyhose in my dresser drawer I have to smile ... And sometimes I get aroused!

But as the women reading this know pantyhose feel and look MUCH different with smooth legs so the morning when my wife left to go visit family, I took a long shower, shaving my legs even before she left. Was I taking advantage of a legitimate medical concern for my own pleasure? Yes. Was I being deceitful? Probably. Did I enjoy wearing my nicer pantyhose after I'd shaved. You bet!! But I knew I needed to come clean and over the next few days I began writing a story to her, one that I had actually promised to write many months previous to recent events. It was a complete cleansing, telling her my entire story about when I started wearing women's clothes and what I'd fantasized about wearing and doing with her. One of the things that I'd always wanted to do with her was go shopping as a man --- Wearing pantyhose under my jeans --- And come home with one or two complete outfits to wear alone with her.

I gave her the letter when she returned and her only response was "I see." Over the days and weeks ahead nothing was said and I wasn't sure if I was going to be divorced (again) or if I was doomed to wearing my support pantyhose in her presence, and wearing the nicer pantyhose when she was not around. Honestly, I don't know if she really noticed the difference when we did laundry but I was a bit paranoid as you can quite imagine. Then came a trip to a couple of different malls some four hours driving time away. I decided to wear pantyhose and while she was blow drying her hair I slid a pair of Silk Reflections up my legs. MMmmmm ... They sure felt good!!

We started shopping and hit a couple of stores first for kitchen goods and then children's store for a friend who was going to soon have a birthday. Then my wife said let's go look at shoes. Sigh. This is not what I wanted to do today. We entered the store and she headed to the section with a large selection of heels and sat down. Soon a clerk came over and sat in front of my wife and asked her if she could help her find something.

"Yes, I'm interested buying some new heels today" my wife replied. The clerk picked up my wife's foot and began explaining that she would like to measure her foot to make sure she got the right size.

"They're not for me" she replied, pulling her foot away. "They're for my husband."

I was stunned and the look surely showed on my face. Apparently the clerk was equally stunned.

"Excuse me?" she replied.

"My husband wants to wear women's clothes so I thought we'd start by buying him two or three pairs of shoes."

"I'll be happy to help" the clerk slowly said, trying to gain her composure. Then she handed me a bootie sock to put on before she measured my foot. Thank goodness I'd shaved this morning!

"I don't need one" I replied, taking the lead from my wife. "I have on a pair of pantyhose." And with that I pulled up my jeans, showing her that indeed I was wearing pantyhose. For the second time in less than five minutes our beautiful brunette clerk had to regain her composure before she could assist me ... Us ... Further.

With my wife's direction it didn't take long to select a pair of two and one-half inch black heels and a pair of strappy sandals that looked like they would be something Daisy Duke might wear, and a couple of other pairs of heels for me to wear for different occasions. We proceeded to the checkout stand and while I was standing away from them I could hear the clerk ask my wife something private.

"Does this turn you on?"

My wife smiled and shrugged her shoulders non-commitally to which the clerk paused, wrote something on a piece of scrap paper which she then handed to my wife and again spoke again quietly.

"It turns me on and if you'd both like to play with me I'd like to play with both of you, especially him ... I mean her!"

My wife smiled a little more this time but again, shrugged her shoulders non-commitally to which the clerk could only look at her hopefully. We left the store and spent the rest of the day shopping. We went to many different stores and I got to try on a LOT of things, everything ranging from bras and panties to skirts and dresses to camisoles, teddies, full and half slips, a variety of shapewear and of course we bought pantyhose nearly every store we visited! I've worn very few pairs of pantyhose that I did not like and for daily wear I prefer Hanes Silk Reflections in a control top, sandalfoot style. That day in the store I was delighted to find that I could wear them in 15 delicious shades!! Because most of the shades I would not wear on a regulary basis but are good to have for to give an outfit that "perfect" look, I only bought one package each. For my three favorite shades --- Barely There, Little Color and Barely Black --- I bought six packages of each!! Considering that it is not uncommon for me to get more than a dozen wearings per pair of pantyhose --- I am very careful with my pantyhose unless I am wearing them for sex --- So I easily had way more than a year's worth of pantyhose when we walked out of that store! Yes, you can say that this gentleman certainly LOVES his Hanes pantyhose!!

The rest of the day was spent bouncing from shop to shop, department store to department store, trying in each one a variety of feminine apparel. Bras and panties from Victoria's Secret. Young, professional dresses, skirts and blouses from Kohl's. Shape wear from Target. We bought more pantyhose, different brands of pantyhose from virtually every department stores we visited. The list of stores was lengthy and we spend a great deal on pantyhose but also bought a several skirts, as well as a several blouses, two dresses, full and half slips, both regular and shaper slips, a wide assortment of teddies, camisoles, and chemises plus a French Maid costume and four different colors and styles of heels. I felt like a princess as I walked through each store in different stages of dress. But finally it was time to go home.

My wife carefully clipped the tags out of the dress I was going to wear home as I slipped out of the denim mini skirt I'd been wearing for the last couple of hours. I kicked off my heels, pulled my mini skirt off and white shaper half slip, unbuttoned my blouse and removed it followed my my nude bra. I left on my Little Color control top pantyhose, pulled up a black half shaper slip, put on my black bra and slipped into my new cocktail dress. I love the sound your nylon-covered feet make when you slip into your heels quickly! It was a sexy cocktail dress that I just thought was SO cute --- You can click on the link at the end of this paragraph or you can copy it into your web browser to see what I wore home.

How does wearing a dress feel?

It is a much more liberating piece of apparel. It's looser and you can feel the air about your legs all the way to your buttocks (***, butt, behind, etc). You feel the dress bounce against your knees and legs as you walk. Unless you've worn one for a whole day, felt the warm early spring breeze or cool fall winds that wrap your lower body, it is hard to fully explain.

But if the dress is made of soft, silky fabric like this one was, it wearing a dress feels like you are moving inside the dress and the dress is making love to your body, very sensually, very slowly.

It is truly delightful to wear a pretty dress!

I love how it feels to twirl and to feel how my skirt flies out, showing off my pantyhose-covered legs and sometimes even the the lace at the bottom of my slip. Women are fortunate to wear whatever styles they like. That's probably what makes wearing a dress, dressing as a woman so attractive and delicious. Regardless, it's wonderful and comfortable and sexy!

As we left the store and got into the car and I began to drive for the first in a dress and heels I could hardly wait to get home, undress, shower and get ready for the night's activities ...

To Be Continued ...
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Oh, you are such a fortunate one! To have a wife that not only loves you and doesn't mind your... preferences... but to have her actually help you out! You are lucky indeed. I'm looking forward to reading more!