Changing Times

I feel that i no longer can indulge in my crossdressing ways. It was so much more enjoyable when I could share it with women. I did so like having sex when dressed. Now that I kike being alone, it's not as much fun. I have started purging again. As I get older, don't want anyone to find my stash in case I wake up dead one day. I still enjoy reading stories and seeing pretty cd's online but I guess my days of having fun are over. Love to You all.
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Dont purge dear, who cares what people think when your dead, live your life, enjoy yourself, don't be misserable and sad, that will make you live shorter, put it into some sort of storage, dont throw it all away, give your self some time, then you will see you really enjoy it and anyone who loves you will be happy that you are happy.I dont speak well but I hope the just of this is getting through!

Of course!

Awk nooo! Who cares babe.

Don't stop I'm 61 and still dress up. Wife does not know. Hugs Debbie

I know this story is a year old but I hope that you have resisted the purge urge (sorry). It doesn't matter what you think you look like, I should know with my shape, it's how you feel when dressed that counts. My dressing has worked in numerous ways for me at different times, to make me feel sexy, relaxed, turned on and sometimes just the feel of something non-male makes a world of difference.
As silkgirl8 says, if you wake up dead it's not your problem what you leave behind, you won't be clearing out your cupboards and so what if people are suprised, they may look at you in an entirely different way for having the courage to keep your secret for so long.

Never say never again, keep all your lingerie, after all if you die it will not be a problem for you.
Keep on wearing your knickers.

I have heard the horror stories involving purging and you need to if you want to do it slowly a lil at a time not cold turkey

Dear Linda. Thanks for your reply. I have been waiting to purge for some time now but foe a couple reasons I think its time. My daughter is moving back home. I am not getting any younger. I don't look so nice in my female clothes anymore. I have to shave more oftern to keeep myself smooth. i wish I cold get up the nerve to get some pills to change my body so it could be more acceptable but I don't think that is where I am headed. I have become more withdrawn lately, probably some depression issues going on. I would have liked to meet another cd or shemale to play with but I think the gay factor has always bothered me. I am also afraid how I would feel afterward such an encounter.I have rejected some female relationships as I know once I let my emotions to surface again I know what is going to rear its pretty head again.
Thanks again for reading my story and I hope to hear from You again.
Bye for now
Live julie

dont be so sad julie you are young and you ll be find <our life partner ,,head up honey ..

thanks for the kind words