How To Clean Lingerie

Have you been frustrated at how quickly your lingerie and other undergarments wear out? Are you unsure of how to properly care for them? Here are a few steps to help these delicate items last longer when cleaning them.


1. Fill a small basin, the bathtub or a sink with water until it is about half-full. Add a mild detergent, particularly one specially made for undergarments and delicate items. The temperature of the water can be according to your discretion, though most delicate detergents suggest using cold water. Some lingerie garments suggest using cold water while others suggest using lukewarm water. The hotter the water the harder it can be on the garments, but hot water can be more effective for items that need more washing.

2. Soak the lingerie you choose to hand-wash in a small basin. Try not to soak them for too long. Usually, between 5 to 60 minutes is plenty of time.

3. Lightly move the garments around in the water and gently rub the more soil areas with a bar of soap if necessary.

4. Rinse the lingerie and gently squeeze out the bulk of the water. Do not wring them, however.

5.Use the "hand-wash" cycle on your washing machine to launder your lingerie safely. If you do not have a "hand-wash" cycle, a delicate cycle can be okay for items that are not too delicate. If you are unsure, you may want to stick with washing the item by hand.

6. Put items with special straps, sequins, hooks or lace into special mesh lingerie bags. There are numerous kinds available. This step is critical. One time in the washing machine without a mesh bag and a delicate item can be destroyed.

7. Line dry nearly all of your lingerie items. Some lingerie labels suggest that they can go in the dryer. However, the dryer can be very hard on them over time and they are more prone to become ragged. When line drying, be sure to put items marked "lay flat" down flat on a mesh drying rack. If you choose to put a few heavier lingerie items in the dryer, be sure to keep them in the mess bag.

Tips & Warnings
One way to keep your lingerie and other undergarments from piling up is to throw the day's items in the bathtub or shower. Try to hand-wash before you let yourself take a shower.

Be careful with items that have beads, sequins or other special items sewn into them. They are particularly delicate.

Clean all lingerie items promptly.

Be sure to separate and clean all lingerie items according to whites, light colors and dark colors.

Caution, this article is intended to help clean most lingerie items. There may be particularly fragile items that require strictly following the manufacturer's instructions.

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