I Wear Them 24/7

Over the years I have tryed panties and hose on put for to really wear them.  They felt good, but at that time I didn't know that I was crossdress.  All this started in 2001, after prostate removal surgery, which caused incontinance and I had to wear a pad, the package said "wear stug fitting underwear, men's cotton underwear caused leaks and it was hard to go out in public.  The only streach underwear was in women's.  So I bought four pair, in satin.  They not only worked well, but I was hooked on silky nylon.  Because of swelling of my feet and legs, my wife suggested that I try support hose and they worked as well a the panties, They felt really, really good, made my legs look good.  So that's now is all started, and if I didn't need them, I would never stop wearing them or the rest of my bras, camis, slips. shoe, skirts blouses, dresses.

Megangirl Megangirl
70+, T
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Good 4 U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!