Nothing Better!

The first time I ever gave a b/j, I was as nervous as anyone could be. I was absolutely delighted & terribly excited to finally wrap my lips around another guys c**k and was carried away by the emotions going through me. One thought popped up several times, though, and that was "What will I do if he squirts in my mouth?" It didn't take long for him to squirt & I felt him swell and start pumping powerfull squirts of hot c*m in my mouth.

I was so carried away by the lust, pleasure & excitement of sucking him that there was no way I was going to back off. I began gagging because there was so much & my eyes watered. I simply pulled back enough to catch his juice in my mouth, not in my throat, giving me time to taste & swallow as he kept squirting. At times I simply had to gulp to keep up with him. Eventually, his spasms stopped & I was left with his hardness leaving. In those few moments I realized I had swallowed every bit of his load, a huge load, and even with his shrinking c**k in my mouth, I could still taste it. It was a wonderful experience and one I immediately began looking forward to repeating.

Over the years I have given b/j's to many other guys and never once have spit it out. At times, when alone & horny, I have drank my own with great gusto. Some times guys push deep into my throat when they squirt & I have no problems with that. Still, I prefer to have it coat my tounge & mouth before I swallow. Drinking man milk in any fashion is a treat! As a sissy c***sucker & transvestite, this has been my chief sexual pleasure for many years.
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Oh, how I can't wait to get my first hard **** in my mouth!

wonderful story

Yup... on the tongue for me too! But sometimes one can't control where he's shooting, and he may want to bury it deep... I won't complain, but much prefer if he allows it to fill my mouth... especially if I can save some and kiss him and allow him to suck some of his *** off my tongue!

Mmmm mmmm the breakfast of champions! If you're into working out, they'll tell you that you need to increase your protein intake... what a wonderful way to do it! You're getting a lot of protein, few carbs and no fat! And having fun too! What's the down side of this?