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Frozen Cumsicle Recipe

Frozen Cumsicle Recipe

1. Clean out an empty 35 mm film container. Make a slit in the lid to accommodate either a popsicle stick or a lollipop stick. The lid will hold the stick in place until the *** freezes.

2. *** into the clean container and immediately when finished put the lid on and put the container into the freezer to keep it fresh.

3. After recovering from the first *** take the film container out of the freezer and carefully remove the lid, being careful not to damage the stick. **** and *** into the container a second time. Replace the lid and put the container back into the freezer.

Note: If you use a used lollipop stick that still has some candy on the end some of the candy will melt into the creamy *** before freezing occurs.

4. You can repeat the process of ******* into the container however many times is needed to fill it.

5. After the container is full and completely frozen, remove from the freezer and roll the container in your warm hands for a minute, your body heat from your hands will slightly melt the sides and the cumsicle will slide out of the container. You may have to gently squeeze the container slightly while pulling on the stick to remove the cumsicle. Once out you can pop it into your mouth and suck on it like a popsicle or a lollipop. You will be surprised at how good it actually tastes. As the *** melts in your mouth the texture and taste of multiple loads will be the same as when you or your donor shot the loads of *** days prior.

Bon Appé***
jrjr jrjr 61-65, M 13 Responses Dec 19, 2011

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Great idea i need to tell my hubby

Thank you.

I am going to start filling my own containers as soon as I get home!

uhh, I love the idea. Also, you can add some flavor to it to make it more yummy.

I used to communicate with a woman on line who liked sissies. She talked me into ******* into a small container when we talked. I kept it in the freezer. After I shot 10 loads she told me to eat it while we chatted on line. She teased me while I was eating it. I enjoyed it as it melted in my mouth. She said if we were together I would eat frozen *** when she had ice cream. Unfortunately, she lived far away so we never got together.

I put an ad on craigslist looking for guys to help me harvest their c**, i have them freeze their **m for me and then I go around picking it up, sometimes I will thank them by giving them a ******* and getting a fresh load at pickup time.

hmmm... very interesting. i love the taste of *** and never thought about it like that. i may have to try this

I am a big fan of frozen ***. I love the way the texture changes as it warms in your mouth and i love the taste. Such a nice, nasty treat,

WOW.... that's a great idea. I am going to try that.

My Mistress does this for me with some of her lovers *** I love them

i will have too try that as for now i find used condoms with loads in em i take them up my tightbuttpussy feels so good too

Try this site. They have an assortment of molds to meet your desire.<br />
<br />

I never really took a look at the link you posted. Well today i did and they're great. Great for parties but I don't think I could find enough *** to fill most of the molds except for the boob molds. Interesting!

I like this idea, maybe a good come on as well (no pun intended) I wonder if they sell **** shape Popsicle makers, ummm, yummy

This sounds so tasty I will have to try it