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Don't really remember when or how i started drinking it. i've never been a friend of milk. i wasn't given it as a baby and was traumatized as a child when the lady who kept me would make us drink all our milk or we couldn't get up from the table. it was whole milk of course and i dreaded the days that we had cereal for breakfast because i would sit there and try so hard to get it to go down but it wouldn't. i finally would just get up from the table with a defeated look on my face. it was just so viscous to me and it had the worst taste and milk has always made me slightly afraid. i'm not exactly sure why. it's just mysterious in a way that i don't want to investigate. my fear of milk is not too disimilar than that of Adrian Monk lol. and on top of that i'm not a baby cow so why would i want to drink cow's milk, or anybody else's milk from their body anyway, except a human mother's milk. anyway, needless to say that i didn't eat cereal for years after that. but then i began craving cereal and it's so fast and easy to prepare that it works well in the mornings before school.  and my cousin has many food allergies and so her mom was trying many different alternatives to cow's milk and that gave me the idea. so i guess that's how i started drinking soy milk. i'd rather drink something made from a plant than some mystery juice loaded with hormones from an animal.  plus it's so much better for you and has a good deal of protein and calcium which i don't always get enough of because i try not to eat too much animal products. it has a pleasant, nutty, sweet flavor. it's so smooth and just yummy. and don't even get me started on chocolate Silk. i seriously have huge cravings for it so much so that i go crazy if i don't get it. 

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Soy milk make a wonderful Chai Tea Latte.

i inspect soy beans for a living . just thought ide share that with you

Amen. I never could get the taste of whole milk as a kid, either. I love your line..."mystery juice" from a hormone laden cow. Ha! Goodness knows what's in that stuff now.