But I'm No Good At It Any Longer (lol)

 I used to drink wine every night. Not on my own, you understand - strictly socially and always with friends. I adored drinking, it was fun, and it always led to a good 'next day' story although I never did anything I would regret the next day. I have a partner, have had for years, but I'm a muso widow you see- I share him with a range of electronic mistresses. Cool (its his thing), I adored training in the dojo but my job ate into the evenings and so, rather than be a latch key girlfriend (home alone ;0) I'd end up in the pub with my colleagues or boss. And if you've been out with your boss (chill out people, she's a woman and one of my close friends to boot) then you have the perfect excuse for being late the next morning. Partners in rose coloured crime. 

Anyway- the point of this story? Well, I fell pregnant.

Of course I immediately cut out the alcohol. Guess what I learnt? Its virtually impossible to consume the same amount of non-alcoholic beverages as it is alcohol. Hows that work?

Anyway, I also found out that not drinking whilst watching your mates get drunk is really tediuos. So I also swapped going out for staying at home watching the entire 7 (or is it 8?) seasons of The West Wing.

But I digress. 16 months on I'm stillbreastfeeding, so still not drinking. My liver is happier and my kidneys praise me for it. But the other night I allowed myself a couple of glasses after bubba was put to bed. I'm a lightweight now. 3 glasses over a 5 hour period and 2 days later am still nursing a headache. Baby + little sleep + dehydration do not a happy momma make. So, I'm back to the fizzy grape juice I can pretend is champagne. 


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ahhh yes. My dad was a bit of an inventor and he built a de-stoning machine and distillery in our garage. The farmers used to give him their fruit and he'd turn it into wine. Oh hang on, no he didnt, he would turn it into spirits.<br />
Funny thing is, he didnt drink himself, hated it.<br />
Oops I digress, I think. Plum wine. Its a bit thicker than regular wine, yes?

you and me both ;-)

I used to drink alot more in my first years of uni but had to stop because school work became to demanding. Now I get tipsy off a couple of glasses! <br />
At least its cheaper!!


Foiled by the SuperHero! ;0). <br />
I was just about to log off and go to bed but I just cant resist a carrot like that <br />
Ice wine, ice wine- I have a vague memory of the name but cant put a taste to it. Sounds intriguing...do tell more

Haha you are a good friend.<br />
Guess what? turns out the headache was due to a gas leak on our high street. Sheesh.<br />
Not sure which is worse......

Oh the unfairness of it all!<br />
not only can I not drink, but my body's perky bits are all heading south it seems....<br />
he he <br />
<br />
have a cheeky glass for me hon, ok?