I Love It All!

Wine, hard liquour, beer, sake, cocktails...its all good! If I had to pick a few that were my favorites it would be Ty Ku, Wild Turkey American Honey, Ten High, 99 bananas, Gray Goose, Boddingtons, and white zinfadel (doesn't matter what brand can even be out of the box.)

I've gone on so many crazy adventures when drinking. I guess living in Vegas helps with that, lol. Sometimes I would end up meeting weird people and would hang out for an evening like we were best friends only to never see those people again. A couple times I woke up on top of or next to the jungle gym at a nearby park wearing sorceress cape with my sword strapped to my side. And I can't forget the time I got drunk and got on a Grey Hound bus to California at 3:00am. Too many stories to count. Fun times...

Now I just stay home and drink with my hubby which is fun too. On occation we'll play Halo 3 and cuss people out while getting drunk, or we'd troll the trade channel in WOW when we used to play. Watching anime while drunk is fun too as long as we aren't totally **** faced, thanks to some weird cocktails we were making he doesn't remember the last 15 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist. Normally though, we just sit outside on the balcony and look at the stars while bitching about random **** that ****** us off. Its nice to be married to a fellow geek who loves drinking!
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god, I can't wait till my girl **** here and gets a drink on with me.<br />
<br />
I'm glad you got somebody to do stuff like that with, I want it back.

My wife and I drink hard together, too. Rock on!<br />
<br />
Although, honestly, I don't think your hubby missed much with the FMA thing. I really don't care for that plodding anime. But I respect your choices! ;)

The scary stories are from when I was 20-22, since I got married I've calmed down so don't worry. 99 bananas is a hard liquor thats 99 proof and tastes like bananas. So yummy, so strong, I took down half a bottle in 10 minutes once and ended up passing out. That was on top of the other **** I drank. Kinda hard to find though. The only place I've been able to find it is a huge liquor outlet.

nothing like sharing a beer & watching the world go by.preferably on a terrasje ,drinking fluitjes on a hot sunny day!

what is 99 bananas? sounds really good. I love to get drunk and cuss people out ! but hey, some of your stories sound scary..........be careful girl !