I just got back from Christmas shopping as a Secret Santa. I've always really enjoyed shopping. As a matter of fact, I was dirt poor all through undergrad and window was what gave me hope to pull through. When money came in, I really enjoyed buy for people. I've always loved the Christmas decorations and seeing how much people really put into it. The creativity is amazing. I also marvel at how much people are willing to help others during this time of year. Sure they could do it all year long, but this just happens to be the time. I watch Charlie Brown every year, along with Rudolph, Frosty and Jack Frost. Sometimes I even indulge in Grandma Got Run-over by a Reindeer, but mom hates that one. I could easily drink egg nog all year long. Realizing that we now have only 16 days left till that big day when we share our family experiences and gifts and, really, just life.

Then, its all over.

Some of us will not have learned not to blow all of our money on gifts and will be wondering how we'll pay off all their new bills and survive until they get another check. The stress of the season may be overwhelming.

But, I've walked the malls. Stared at the lights and sometimes I slow down as I drive to watch them change colors and I love it.

In fact, I think I love Christmastime more than I actually love Christmas.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Me also I love driving around town looking at all the Christmas lights people have hung.