Driving down country roads with my husband is the best. We usually try to go out for a long ride every once in awhile. Its just so beautiful and serene. We stop and get out and take in all the sounds and beauty of the country roads that we travel. I wouldnt change any of this for the world.

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understand how you feel i dont drive i go for walks its great to get away help forget the 9-5 job<br />
last weeks walk from willey beach to kiama 8klm<br />
stunning views. try<br />
you can see some photos on my website<br />

Enjoy Blue hun!!! You deserve it!!


I have a long drive planned beginning in 10 days all over the mountains of Georgia with someone who just drives me crazy. : ) I can't wait either.

I was on one of my favorite roads last night what a blast...lead foot!

Come on down girly!!! ;) lol

I agree .

Yes it is....I dont think I could actually move from here. Id miss the mountains and the beauty too much!

I love the South and i have been alot of places but damn it's beautiful!

Youd love it. I know I do. Such beauty surrounded by serene nature!


Maybe one day sweetie....I could take you up to the Peaks of Otter. Its gorgeous up there!

I would love too i haven't been to Virginia in a long time soooooo pretty!

I love it there sweetie. Its gorgeous. Maybe one day you can make a trip down this way and I take you on the parkway.

BEAUTIFUL! Joel and i were always going to move to North Carolina...

Me too!!! Its such a blast to do that. I love to travel the Blue Ridge parkway here in Virginia. Its so beautiful/

I love to wander!

I bet it is beautiful. Id love to travel and see the world. See all the different country roads.

There is a stetch of road in Wisconsin i love it's so beautiful.

Yes....that is the best sweetie. Thats one of my favorite things in the spring.

I love when the windows are down ,tunes blazing it's the best.