Blinded By The Night

I got so lost in the dark today ... big time! lol......

I got off work early tonight, I always take the long way home on the country roads. Anyways, the highways are only lined streets that run through the farmland here....I would rather drive 35 than 55. :-) ....It's gives me time to unwind.
I live in a very rural area. The only lights you see at night are placed miles apart. Each small speck of light is a farm.

Tonight, no moon, cloud covered the sky, not even a star in sight. Darker than a hooty hollow.
Since I got off early, off till Monday, I was feeling joyful. Oh... I rarely get Saturdays off ...may I add... I've been a good girl. Noooo...We have a newbie in the kitchen now. cool!

Any ol' way... Here I am driving, bopping and singing to the music on the radio... cruising about 25.... and kept on driving those dark country roads with not a care in the world!! I realized.. omg... Where am I? I missed my turn...huh? OK....

I "should-of" just turned around and got back on the right road....But! Miss Know-it-all said to herself....All I need to do was make a right... that's where I messed up.... so I took the next road right....shaking head... right? lol... Deeper and darker into the farmland I went........... *smile*

Of course I found my way home, to tell you this silly story! *wink
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
56-60, F
Jan 11, 2013