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She Gave Me Herpes And Then Left.....

My at the time GF went on a trip to New Orleans. When she came back a week later she went to the doctors and told me she had herpes. She swears she didn't know who gave it to her and said it was probly years ago. I had to give her the benefit of the doubt though I didn't believe it. I was there through the whole experience for her. She had never had any outbreak in her life so I thought it was wierd her going on a vacation with the girls and coming back and getting a outbreak. Either way we continued for a year cause I loved her so much. Well even being careful she still gave it to me. Soon after she left me. I risked it cause I thought we would get married and be together. That didn't happen and I got herpes to show for it. I dated girls and always felt they were different after I told them about the herpes and soon things ended for "other" reasons. I do feel like the biggest idiot for thinking we would be together.I hate that she could of cheated on me and gave me herpes and were not even together anymore. Sex life has taken a huge hit, no oral, no spur of the moment sex, just really put a damper on it and the worst of all is it was for nothing.....
Kasual Kasual 31-35 Jan 30, 2012

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