Don't Take Away My Manual Transmission

I love driving fast as it gives me a bit of a thrill. The best cars to drive fast, are those with manual transmissions. I love when I have to down shift to slow down while rounding a curve in the highway rather than use my brakes. There is something powerful about flooring the gas pedal and skipping from 2nd gear to 6th and feeling that extra kick yet smooth transition in the motor.

I wish car manufactures would stop removing manual transmissions from cars..I don't think I'll get the same thrill in an automatic and certainly not the same control.
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6 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I love my new ATX. Was suprised they came out with a turbo4 and manual transmission, but it is a lot of car for the cost. Sure does not drive like a Caddy.

It is a Cadillac they started building this year. Has brembo brakes that will not fade no matter what I do. They a 6 with more power. But the turbo 4 with the mt is a ball. Still rear wheel drive so you can steer with the throttle. Well balanced and you can come on full throttle out of a turn and not lose the tail. I took it to track day and got laughed at until I let some people drive it. They quit laughing. Will not win at the track but it is great fun and nothing in its price range turned a faster time.

Looked at a 3 series, but when I saw what I could have for $33K, I had to try it.

I'm a real car guy and will only own MT equipped cars.
It's great to see you enjoy it too!
It is becoming a lost art.

Another positive point to owning a car with a MT, is it will become harder to steal as fewer and fewer people know how to operate them. lol

I agree with you ... I just bought a used BMW (2011) and had a hard time finding a manual transmission. I finally did though :-)

i know the thrill of driving manuals i love it to i have at least one that's still a manual wetch is a project truck and two that are automatics i'm begining to hate the automatics allover again i'm have troubles keeping them under control uuuhhhmmm going have do a swap.

AGREED !!! thats all i have ever owed until I was 26 and bought a new truck ... lol. Still have 3 manuals cars left in the fleet ... lol . I love cars and trucks

Quite a few German cars are auto only these days. Manual is not even an option. Fortunately quite a few of the new "retro" American muscle cars that make it to Europe are spec'd with manual.