I Love Driving Fast

From the very moment I learned how to drive. Even when I was at that early stage of being afraid when other cars passed in the opposite direction -- I sped up instead of slowing down. My dad, who was my driving teacher, got so angry at me every time we went out for a lesson. 

Lead foot. That's me. On the highway I need to use the cruise control or I will end up going 90 without realizing it.  I sometimes visualize a cop pulling me over, looking at the 3 car seats in the back and berating me for being irresponsible. It helps me slow down for about 2 minutes. 


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14 Responses Feb 6, 2009

I imagine the cold steel of handcuffs tight on my wrists, while bent over a cop car. It's fitting, as that's what my first experience of being pulled over by a cop consisted of. Lol, and I was "only" going 70, in a 30... <br />
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Either that, or I imagine being broke, because of having to pay for a corpulent car insurance premium. <br />
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I wish my car had cruise control...it sneaks away from me so easily with its tall gears.

Ooh am I being wooed by a gun toting pacifist? That's a first for me :)

Date at your own risk. Did I mention how clutzy I am?

I've never even held a gun. But I would love to go to a shooting range and learn.

I know I was just kidding.<br />
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I have never been caught! and I have flat breasts, even size A is big for me, so I wouldn't risk popping my buttons.

Yes Mahsa, in reality I don't text while driving either. But it truly is a struggle for me to drive the speed limit, especially if there are no slowpokes in front of me. <br />
And I think I just deciphered what BarquenHorse said - pop a few buttons as the officer walks up...Does that really work??

An I thought I was the irresponsible mother! :)<br />
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I only go 85 with my baby in the car!! and I don't text but sometimes show the finger to the slow drivers.

Dubious, the track sounds extremely fun. Thanks for the idea!<br />
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Horse, I have no idea what your last sentence meant but I think I like it!

Dude it's called a joke.

What an idiot!!

Of course I'm careful. Wait a second. Does that mean I should stop fiddling with the GPS as I'm changing lanes in the middle of an intersection?

I think you would be lucky if you were pulled over and merely admonished by the police officer. You could be court ordered order to wear a large sign around your neck saying "ASK ME HOW I ENDANGERED MY CHILDREN". Lol, be careful with you little ones :)

I really shouldnt go 90 mph if I'm texting, wrangling a BigMac, and yelling at the kids through the rearview mirror, should I? :P

LOL remind to never drive with you.