Sorry...Speed Is An Illusion

Driving fast. What, I ask you, does that accomplish?

Ohhh...the thrill! The feel of the strain of my leg as I lean into the gas pedal! The sensation! The purr of the engine. The wind. Blast the song. Feel the beat. Feel the speed. Create metaphor upon metaphor upon lame metaphor for the road of life. The twists. The turns. The unexpected exits. Am I lost? Where's my map? I've lost my sense of direction. Oh no. I can't go in reverse. I can only swing her around and change course.

Oh brother.

To continue this exhaustive metaphor...

When you speed along life's highway you need to be cognizant of all the other travelers on the road. You do not own the road, you merely cruise on it along with all of the rest of us. Speeding is rude, and dangerous, always.

Some of us would prefer to sing along to the music, so could you close your sunroof and turn your music down a little? Some of us would like to do the speed limit and look out the window. There's some good stuff out there that could  easily be missed at high speeds.

Oh, and while you're going along on your self-centered merry way, you are kicking up all kinds of **** onto everyone else. I've already seen a couple of cracked windshields that can be attributed to you. That is not cool.

So, while you may like to drive fast, it is to some of us rather juvenile, and we would appreciate it if you could just find someplace else to drive. Take your self-destructive, selfish, egomaniacal, "look at me everybody!" fast-driving self to Nevada or someplace where you can drive into the sunset without crashing into anyone or leaving a path of destruction and pain.

I am sorry for this. I don't belong here in this experience. I don't like to drive fast---but someone  who does has recently side-swiped me and left me on the side of the road, and while I was there I had some time to kill--thought I'd share.

This is what life on the shoulder is like-- it makes you resentful of all those speeding by. You understand.  

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

We are similar in so many ways, N. I recognize and process my emotions at a higher speed than most people, I think. So do you. Its a tribute to how well we know ourselves.

I stand corrected. Holding onto resentment is poison to the soul. Acknowledging, accepting, processing, and then letting it go is healthy. Being pulled over by the State Trooper is karma at it's best. Even when it's directed at me.

Resentment is poison to your soul. <br />
<br />
Life on the shoulder is okay sometimes. It gives you an opportunity to catch your breath. <br />
<br />
I drive way too fast, Nora. It's wrong, and the Universe has recently told me to slow the eff down by sending some nice police officers my way. I was stopped three times, in three separate counties, in three weeks. While I appreciate the Universe's message, slowing down has made it so that I can't run from my fears. That's why I speed. I try to run and hide from certain aspects of life that I have no desire to deal with. <br />
<br />
I'm sorry you were sideswiped, but keep in mind, that both in life and driving, even the most cautious of people make mistakes. Unfortunately, the mistakes almost always affect other people.<br />
<br />
Be well, be safe.