Skipped Work

this happened about a year ago today. i owned a baby blue 95 toyota corrola 5spd manual transmission. i was working at the job i have now, a csr at a gasstation aka casher and it was about 8 o'clock at night. one of my co-workers didn't have a ride home. so me and the other worker with us wanted to helper but both of us got out at ten. then i decide that i would take her home. thing is she lived an hour and a half away. so, since the manager wasn't there, i didn't clock out so i could still get paid and left to take her home while the other one stayed to take care of the gasstation. on my way there we were going about 90mph. i dropped her off and started heading back to my job until i noticed that i had gotten off the wrong exit. i was on the highway and the speedlimit was 60mph. so in the middle of the highway i pulled a U-turn (which is illeagal here) and gunned it my way back going 105mph. this was almost top speed because my corrola went 110 max. and i made it back luckly with an hour to spare. the manager still dosn't know.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

For me Fast is for Airplanes, not cars. You will not find me happy going fast on the road.

i like moving right a long. I can leave later and get there sooner. So far, i have been lucky with one exception!

Way to be girl! It's nice to see chick who doesn't drive like one, people like you are few and far between. Haha definitely pulled a few of those in my day, I made an hour drive (hour there-hour back)<br />
on my lunch hour once and was only like 5 minutes late... no one said a word haha...Definitely ran it off limiter the whole way