Why Walk When I Could Ride

Before I turned sixteen I had to walk from high school down to my after school job. The distance was about 2 miles. I walked during all types of weather condition's. One day a friend of my mom's saw me walking down the road and offered me a ride. Mrs. A was in hear early thirties blue eyes athletic body, blue eyes, blonde hair and tanned. She was nice and usually dressed to impress. She told me to get in and took me to work. She drove a custom mini van with captain's chairs. She was wearing a white jump suit and white backless open toed wedge sandals. She had her left shoe off and it was on the floor by the console. She was sitting on her left shoeless foot. As we drove along she would rub her foot and wiggle her toes. I have to say this was a turn on. When she dropped me off at work she crossed her left leg over her right and asked me for her shoe. She smiled and asked me to place it on her foot.
I did as I was told and thanked her for the ride. She asked me to help her unload her van which I did and carried her packages to her door as her feet slapped around in her heels. I walked her to the door and handed her the packages she thanked me and went inside.

On my way home after work it was about 2 miles home. A 4 door sedan stopped and an older lady called out my name. It was Mrs. W a bruenette in her late forties. She offered me a ride to which I accepted. I got into her car and noticed she was wearing a lite brown skirt suit with a white blouse, nude pantyhose and black pumps. We made small talk and when she dropped me off at my house, she removed her pumps and wiggled her toes. She said her feet were bothering her and needed rest. She placed her pumps on the seat next to her. Before I exited the vehicle, she smiled at me and said I could use a foot rub. I grabbed her feet and rubbed and carrassed them. Her silky pantyhosed feet enjoyed the attentioned and she purred in delight. After a few moments she thanked me and left. She drove home shoeless. To this day I never turn down a ride from a woman. You never know what might happen or how they will drive in heels.
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Dec 8, 2012