Charleston To Columbia

My friend Tom and were going to college together at USC. We asked two girls from anatomy class if they wanted to drive the 3 hours to Charleston with us. They said yes and we all piled into Tom's convertible and hit the road. We chatted about everything on the way to the city, as always the conversation turned to sex. The girls asked us if we had ever driven naked. Our answer was a resounding no. They admitted they had and it was a blast.

We spent the day in Charlestown and had a great time. It started getting late and we thought it best to start home before the sunset. The girls bet us that we couldn't drive back to the dorms naked. And to prove it if we did it they would too. We were standing next to the car in front of the market on a busy street when Tom said your on. We all started to take our clothes off with people walking by and when we were naked we threw the clothes in the trunk. By this time we had drawn a crowd.

Tom and the rest of us jumped into his car and headed out of town toward the interstate 20. At least we had gotten some applause and no cops. We stayed within the speed limit so as not to get pulled over. As we drove for about an hour playing and groping for fun, Tom said that we needed gas. We thought that we could make it back without having to stop, but this was something else. He eventually pulled into a Shell station and we pulled up to a pump and turned off the engine. We all sat there in the buff not knowing what to do next. No one wanted to get out of the car. Tom had about $20 in the glove box and that would get us enough fuel, but who was going to go into the store and pay the attendant. I was volunteered by the girls. They said if I went in to pay, they would all get out and pump the gas. I climbed over the boot and took the money from Tom. I kept my head up as I padded barefoot and naked into the store. There were only a few people inside and the black female clerk wanted to know what the hell I thought I was doing. I explained that it was a fraternity hazing and we were all nude and had to buy gas for the car. Everyone inside started to laugh and ran to the windows to see the naked girls waiting to pump gas.

The attendant turned on the pump and went outside to watch us as we got ready to go. She had a camera and took some pictures. To show her boss she said. We climbed back into the car and continued our journey. We all loved the experience and talked about it all the way back to the dorms. When we got back to campus it was still relatively early and therefore there was a lot of students about. No one paid much attention to us as we walked naked back to our rooms holding our clothes. The 4 of us had many nude adventures together over our college years.
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Dec 10, 2012