Driving Naked First Time

I was on a website once that I was given the dare to go naked driving on a highway. I borrowed a car, my truck was much higher. I went driving I pulled off the road and took the clothes and tossed them in the back of the car. Got in and started driving. I was driving until I was seen that was the dare. I drove and just when I thought i was not going to be seen, a woman was coming off a ramp and drove past me and did a double take. I was a bit scared and so I pulled off at the first exit and got my clothes and put them back on but it was a  rush...


subindy69 subindy69
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5 Responses Dec 23, 2009

I wish I could get more dares like that...

My first time, I was at the lake naked with some girlfriends and someone took our clothes. The four of us piled in my car naked. Half way home I got a flat tire. First flat tire too. We drive naked all the time now. Had 4 flat tires since

When I drive for a distance of more than 30 minutes or so, I get naked for the drive. I look forward to my driving more now. I just love to do it and do so every chance I get. I am not sure if anyone has ever seen me. Sometimes If I am not in my home town I like to actually drive around town and see if I can show myself. I have pulled it off several times, with the girls giving a look like you know they saw you. No body has ever turn me in for indecent exposure yet. I need to be carful.

Too me it's a big difference when driving naked or semi naked in the daytime. I'm much more daring at night. During the day I"m always half covering up. But where I live it's always crowded with cars and people.

There is just nothing like driving naked.......both in the daytime, and at night. MORE people should expierence it!